Enzyme Energy


Enzyme Energy specialise in natural fuel treatments. We pride ourselves on bespoke fuel packages to meet your fuel treatment requirement.

Enzyme Energy

Enzyme Energy design and manufacture petroleum products using enzyme technology. Our unique enzymes and research driven approach is focused on improving efficiencies from refining and storage of bulk fuels to retail and end user solutions. By constantly evaluating our proven technology and adjusting our formulas to suit your specific application we can ensure you are supplied with the finest natural petroleum products without compromising quality or performance. By evaluating your application we can design custom packages to suit your specific requirements.

Our Commitment

The combination of application expertise, dedicated market team and scientific resources has created a powerful business designed to deliver efficient and reliable service throughout Europe. Our portfolio of elite products ensures that we have a leading European position in the natural enzyme based automotive and industrial markets.

It is our aim to continue to seek opportunities to develop innovative products and services which contribute to sustainable development, improve quality of life and create value. We have a strong reputation at Enzyme Energy for quality and innovation coupled with a corporate commitment to renewability and sustainability.

Owned by SDM Fuel Solutions

Enzyme Energy is product and service provided under SDM Fuel Solutions. SDM Fuel Solutions is a 24/7 specialist in fuel and fuel-related engineering services. With a team of industry experts SDM are able to lead the way in dealing with all fuel related issues that affect so many industries and cause devastating problems if not treated correctly.

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